Florida security consultantSECURITY CONSULTING

Security is a valuable investment that should be performed by the best in the business. Elite Intelligence offers just that — consulting by trained and licensed professionals who are masters of the art of risk assessment, camera-system design, executive, and VIP protection. We believe that creating a thorough plan of prevention is vital, but we understand that intensive training and education are necessary in the event that a security threat becomes a situation.

At Elite Intelligence, our first step is a comprehensive risk assessment, which begins with your concerns. We conduct the assessment to determine vulnerability and risk in the areas of physical security, personnel, and information technology. We then develop a plan to meet your objectives based on the initial risk assessment. The Elite Intelligence team and our partners will then implement the plan, which may involve installation of security cameras and alarms, lock and safe installation, staff training, and technology upgrades. We work closely with your team to make sure everyone is trained and continuing education is in place to ensure consistency of execution of the plan over time.

Risk assessment/threat assessment

  • Review your concerns and needs
  • Develop a comprehensive plan to meet your objectives
  • Assess physical, personnel, technical aspects of the plan
  • Implementation and execution of the plan to meet and exceed your objectives

Home and office camera-system design/alarm design

Security guard arrangement

Information security

Locks and safes consulting

Computer forensics and cyber security

Executive and VIP protection

Travel and logistics planning

  • Consultations on developing, assessing, and executing travel for executives and VIPs

Security project management

Maritime security consulting


The Elite Intelligence team helps companies throughout Florida with investigations and keeping critical information safe and secure. Our clients are found throughout Central Florida, including St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, and Orlando.