Florida private investigatorINVESTIGATIONS

Intelligence is a valuable commodity, but only if it is obtained legally. Whether you are completing board investigations at a Fortune 500 company in Florida or need assistance with domestic investigations, you can depend on the private investigators at Elite Intelligence to complete a thorough investigation with intelligence that is 100% legally obtained by highly trained, licensed, retired law-enforcement professionals.

Corporate espionage is a real problem, and the first step to overcoming it is to understand that it can happen to anyone. Are your competitors receiving confidential information about your business? That information is leaving your office, and our private investigators can help find out how with a thorough counter-espionage investigation using the latest techniques and equipment.

Litigation Support

  • Research on individuals, entities, assets and more
  • Locate and interview witnesses
  • Review evidence, depositions and law enforcement reports
  • Expert witness services


Pre-Employment Screenings

  • Driver’s license record searches
  • Background checks


Corporate Workplace Investigations

  • Slip-and-fall and insurance claims
  • Worker’s Comp investigation
  • Human Resources investigation
  • Embezzlement and fraud investigation
  • Discrimination and harassment investigation
  • Board of Directors investigation
  • Executive and C-Suite investigation


Corporate Espionage Detection and Prevention

  • Surveillance
  • State-of-the-art surveillance equipment
  • Bug sweeps


Due Diligence

  • Asset discovery
  • Criminal-record search
  • Domestic investigations


Personal Services

  • Financial investigations
  • Interviews
  • Missing persons search
  • Traffic Crash Reconstruction


Process service


The Elite Intelligence private investigator team helps companies throughout Florida with investigations and keeping critical information safe and secure. Our clients are found throughout Central Florida, including St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, and Orlando.