Confidential information is more than encrypted data or a paper file with a red stamp. Elite Intelligence knows that confidential information is shared through client phone calls, strategy sessions and impromptu meetings to discuss the intricacies of intellectual property and high-profile cases. Law firms and corporations dealing with confidential information understand how essential it is to keep their intellectual property safe and secure. Bug sweeps are a critical element of your defense.

Adversaries and the competition want to learn as much as possible about trial strategies and corporate initiatives to gain an edge. Some people will go to great lengths to get it, even break the law using nefarious tactics, such as illegal listening devices, often called “bugs.”

Bugs are devices that capture sound, typically conversations in a specific area. They are inexpensive and easy to purchase, even the ones deemed illegal by the U.S. Government. Because of advances in technology, it’s easy for someone to listen to confidential conversations. There are several types of bugs on the market, each with specific listening capabilities and range of transmission:

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  • Hardwire,
  • Radio frequencies,
  • Optical, and
  • Accoustic

All of them can be detected and deactivated.

Elite Intelligence understands covert technology. We use the latest in countersurveillance technology to identify and locate illegal audio surveillance in corporate offices, homes, cars, and boats. A bug sweep will ensure secrecy for all conversations that need to remain confidential in the board rooms, or legal offices. Regular bug sweeps of an area can ensure the continued security of information.